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Return to Castle Wolfenstein


Cheat enable update:



This has to do with 'Return To Castle Wolfenstein' cheat

enable: There must be a space between the " quotation

marks and +setsv_cheats  1. I could NOT use it the way

you described until I did this. How did I find it? I saw

in the Safe Mode properties that '+safe' is a space away,

so I tried it ( " +set sv_cheats 1 )in the Single Player

Properties and Lo and Behold , when I hit OK this time it

accepted it. None of the other ways you told me,I.E., to

change the Folder in Main / worked either, this was the only

way without leaving the property box up while accessing the

game....left too much open. If you update this simply, cheaters

like me who happen to stumble on stuff like this mistakenly,

won't be left in the cold.frag.

 " +set sv_cheats 1  {instead of }  "+set sv_cheats 1


Activate Cheats:


Update by: Dj Simo

Submitted by: Allan

E-mail: IlHansenIl@hansen.dk


1. Create a copy of your single player desktop shortcut.

2. Right-click on it and select "properties".

3. In the "Target" field, add the following to the very end

(outside the quotes): +set sv_cheats 1

4. Click OK.

5. Launch the game using that shortcut.


Once you're in the game, you should be able to use the following

cheat codes (hit the "~" key to bring down the console, then

type them in):


Special Note:


Some people have experienced problems activating the cheats as

listed above. Here is an alternate to try if they are not working

for you.


1. Add " +set sv_cheats 1" to the target line of the shortcut, as

shown above.

2. Add a blank "user.cfg" file to the folder labeled "Main", in

the game folder to "Return to Castle Wolfenstein".

3. Type one line in that "user.cfg" file: set sv_cheats 1

4. Enter codes as shown above.


Special Note #2:


Some people have not been able to use the cheats unless they first

load a saved game. New players can start, save, then load the save

and the cheats should work.



Code                         Result


/god                         God Mode

/notarget                    Enemies Do Not Attack

/noclip                      No Clipping

/give all                    All Weapons and Ammo

/give armor                  Give Armor

/give health                 Give Health

/give stamina                Give Stamina

/give ammo                   Give Ammo

/nofatigue                   Unlimited Stamina

/kill                        Suicide

/cg_uselessnostalgia 1       Original Wolfenstein Interface

/give #                      Give Item # (See List)

/clip on                   - Toggle clipping

/cmdlist                   - Show all commands  

/reconnect                 - Reconnect to last server

/quit                      - Exit game 

/serverinfo                - Show current server settings  

/toggle r_fullscreen       - Toggle between windowed and full screen; Restart

                             game when changed

/toggle cg_drawcompass     - Toggle compass display  

/toggle cg_draw2d          - Toggle HUD display  

/toggle cg_drawfps         - Toggle framerate display  

/cg_FOV                      - Change field of view  

/toggle cg_drawtimer       - Show time left  

/toggle cg_gibs               - Toggle gibs  

/toggle cg_drawteamoverlay - Toggle team overlays


Cheat Mode (server):


Submitted by: Dj Simo


Press ~ to display the console window. Enter one of the following codes..


Code                     - Effect

/map restart             - Reset map  

/sv_maxclients           - Set maximum players that can connect  

/timelimit               - Set time limit   

/kick                    - Kick player from the server  

/g_friendlyFire (0 or 1) - Toggle friendly fire  

/g_forcebalance          - Force even teams  

/g_warmup                - Set warm up time in seconds   

/g_gravity #             - Set gravity; lower is less gravity  

/g_speed #               - Set movement; lower is slower


Change Name:


Press ~ to display the console window. Enter /name to change the player's

name and color. To change colors, include one of the following.


^1: Red

^2: Green

^3: Yellow

^4: Blue

^5: Light Blue

^6: Pink

^7: White

^8: Black

^9: Red


For example, to change your name to "AmericaTheBeautiful" in red, white,

and blue, enter /name ^1America^7The^4Beautiful



Give List:


Use these with the /give cheat listed above.





mauser rifle



fg42 paratroop rifle


colt 45

large health

medium health




Enable Cheatmode:


Submitted by: Joshua Not_Telling

E-mail: og2c_sinister@hotmail.com


When you start RTCW and you are at the main menu, press

the ~ button, and type: /cheats 0

This will turn the cheat mode on.


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